Who We serve

  • Undergraduate & graduate students looking to better manage their time and be strategic in planning for a career

  • Any student not working up to potential but can't figure out why or how to move forward

  • Students or families struggling to get their school to provide the services needed to ensure academic and behavioral success

  • High achieving professionals and executives who want to increase efficiency and maximize progress toward goals

  • Busy families managing multiple responsibilities and looking for a solid plan to help life run more smoothly

  • Parents of children or teens with unique needs or issues with behavior (i.e. Learning Disorders, ADHD, Autism/Asperger's, Sensory processing issues, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, etc.)

  • People of any age needing a comprehensive evaluation and/or treatment for ADHD

  • People of any age seeking supportive and strategic mental health treatment for anxiety related to school/work performance and productivity

  • Social Work and other clinical mental health professionals seeking clinical consultation or supervision hours toward independent licensure

What We Do



  • Strategic planning and organization to increase productivity or plan for a new career 

  • Increase efficiency and progress toward professional goals 

  • Evidence based clinical mental health treatment

  • Clinical supervision for mental health professionals



  • Strategic career planning for undergrads & grad students

  • Identifying & removing barriers to academic and/or behavioral success

  • Advocacy in school systems on behalf of student needs

  • Help with social skills to develop or improve interpersonal relationships

  • Stress and anxiety management 

  • Evidence based clinical mental health treatment

Parents & Families


  • Creation of systems to engage family members in household responsibilities 

  • Strengths-based approaches to parenting to reduce stress and conflict

  • Behavior modification training for problem behaviors

  • Setting up the home environment for sensory and behavioral success

  • Brief couples therapy to improve family functioning