The complexity of the human brain is fascinating and the diversity of neural functioning from person to person is vast. Unfortunately, society too often labels those whose brains function differently as "disordered" or "dysfunctional".  People who fit into this category typically have diagnoses of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger's Disorder, Learning Disordered (LD), and Sensory Processing Disorder (to name a few). People with these brain types however, are FAR from dysfunctional and many of them have above average intelligence. The "dysfunction" typically arises when these individuals are put in environments that force them to conform to the "norm" and do not foster their strengths (like the typical American classrooms of today). In the right environment, these "atypical" brained individuals can do more than just function like "normal", they can achieve extraordinary things! 


Albert Einstein was thought to be atypical and struggled in school as a result, but few today would debate his genius. Several other remarkably bright and talented individuals throughout history have similarly struggled to shine in traditional environments and only realized success after breaking free and paving their own path. 


The Center for Neurodiversity & Success was developed to celebrate the differences among people and to empower those who have felt marginalized by the systems of society. At CNS, we provide comprehensive support services for children, teens, and adults with "non-neurotypical" brains as well as anyone seeking help to overcome barriers to success. If you or someone you know is not reaching your/their potential and not sure how to turn things around, schedule a consultation and start your journey to success today!

Michele Pietrafesa
Executive Director
Licensed Independent Supervising Social Worker
Licensed School Social Worker
Certified Telebehavioral Health Practitioner

In my career as a clinical social worker and school social worker I have worked with people of all ages (from age 3 to 65) across multiple contexts (schools, hospitals, homes, and in the community) helping individuals, couples and families overcome barriers to success and happy living.

My passion for working with and advocating for "non-neurotypicals" comes from my experiences in school social work where I regularly saw the abilities of these students discounted, their behaviors misunderstood, and their self-esteem diminished by the inflexibility of their schools. I saw these same barriers for students from daycare through grade 12 across all types of schools (public urban, suburban, rural, charter, private, and parochial). In my work with college students over the past 4 years in private practice, I have witnessed the same discounting of abilities, misunderstanding of student behavior, and systemic inflexibility I saw in primary and secondary schools but with the added barrier of fewer professionals with the right set of expertise readily available to help them. 

These experiences in combination with my own journey with ADHD, have led me to dedicate my career to working toward the improvement of school and other systems that often marginalize people who are different. The first step on this journey is the Center for Neurodiversity & Success!

Licensure & Certifications

Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, & Marriage Family Therapist Board: Licensed Independent Supervising Social Worker (LISW-S)

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Ohio Department of Education School Social Worker

Telebehavioral Health Institute Inc.: Certified Telebehavioral Health Practitioner